The clothing industry

We support clients from the clothing industry at every stage of their success journey – from creation, through securing the first projects, to the effective sales of finished products. We know what obstacles clothing manufacturers and distributors face and how to overcome them.

We provide legal assistance to other people and entities working in the industry: designers, photographers, graphic designers, stylists, fashion show organisers, media houses, creative, advertising and modelling agencies, and start-ups.

How can we help you?

  • we can provide you with ongoing support in running your business. We can help you with matters of corporate law, intellectual property law, advertising law, labour law, acts of unfair competition and consumer law;
  • we can provide comprehensive legal services for your industry events;
  • we can provide opinions and draw up necessary agreements and regulations, and we can help you negotiate them;
  • we can help you develop and implement a strategy for the protection of your brand;
  • we can assist you with legal issues concerning the GDPR, e-commerce activities and the legal implementation of your online store;
  • we can represent you in court and during enforcement proceedings, and can carry out the necessary pre-litigation proceedings.


Our goal
is your peace of mind.

Magdalena Korol

An attorney and partner at Creativa, as well as the President of the Institute of Fashion Law, a businesswoman and mentor.

Arkadiusz Szczudło

An attorney and partner at Creativa, as well as Vice-President of the Institute of Fashion Law, and businessman, mentor and online creator.